Parliamentary Paralysis: The Anarchy in Temple of Democracy

By The Editor: Siddharth Sehgal

It’s only ironical that those who are suppose to settle the issues of more than one billion people are unable to settle their own differences with each other. Political vendetta is a priority for these people over the needs of the population. Congress would not budge on their demand for resignation and government would not flinch from backing a blood tainted MP government.

Imagine if Gandhi family chose to stop the proceeding of the parliament over demand of sacking the foreign minister what would they do on Vyapam and Vasundhra-Modi case. BJP might as well cancel the whole session and save some public money. What motive Sushma Swaraj had in helping Lalit Modi has become a debate. From humanitarian to cronyism all excuses were and are being debated on news channels but as foreign minister the country has right to hear her side too whatever her reason might have been to help Lalit Modi. Indian citizens didn’t vote for these MP’s to have cheap canteen food and oversized hikes.  Accountability should be put in place and this falls on MP’s from both sides of the aisle to ensure that the parliament works smoothly.

Now coming to the ruling side. Street vendor, shop owners, clerks, doctors, engineers, people were hopeful that ascendance of Narendra Modi to country’s highest office would ease the stranglehold of corruption. People saw and still see Narendra Modi as champion of their cause. He has an obligation to this faith that Indian people has shown in him. His silence will put a question mark on the transparency he promised. Even if he does not want to bother about Lalitgate but Vyapam which has become murkiest scam in India’s history and that too under a BJP government should not be taken casually. People have died, blood has been spilled and the stains of cover-up go from Governor to all the big and small fishes in the pond which also counts CM in the accused list. Whose sins are being defended here?

Land bill which affects thousands, lakhs of farmers needs to be debated. A legislation which promotes industrial growth while balancing the agricultural interest of the country needs to be passed but given the atmosphere in New Delhi, it’s unlikely that any serious discussions will take place and this is not one bill. Many more proposals needs to be discussed but voice of reason is long lost in the euphoria.

Debate is inseparable part of democracy, if people wanted to see shouting matches they would have gone to Kushti’s organized in village Melas. Our lawmakers should understand their responsibility towards democratic institutions. People’s interest are above any and all ministers.


  1. the longer the parliament sessions run the more the TADA who wishes to resign t these murky benifits?
    who cares for the country’s millions who go hungry , sleep on the streets and footpaths only to be run over by the drivers of these fat paid leaders ?
    A crime is a crime and the sooner the issues are settled the better, but who wishes to give up such a lucrative post ?

  2. You are so very right in what you say in your editorial. Lets hope our political authorities will do something positive about it so that honest tax payers money wont be wasted in this way in future.