Month: December 2014



आज भी तेरी महक़ ले के चली आती  है कभी खिड़की, कभी दरवाज़ा खटखटाती है कभी तेज़ी से गुज़रती है बजाती सीटी मेरी दुश्मन है सबा, किस क़दर सताती है मैं तुझे भूलना चाहूँ भी तो ना भूल सकूँ तेरे घर से तेरा अहसास लिए आती है तूने जो गीत […]


Reflection On Kashmir

By The Editor There is one thing very puzzling about Pakistan and psyche of its leadership. Right from the beginning in 1947, they wanted their own country. Wanted to create their own Utopia but that dream failed miserably. They are unable to provide their people with even basic facilities of […]