The Shaggy Dog

I saw the shaggy dog

On a crowded street,

Alone it was

In a milling crowd.


Looking lost

In the hustle and bustle

Of the evening traffic


It had a hungry look

In its eyes

Not frightening

But appealing.


The ragged leash on its neck

Told me

It had seen better times

And been with good people


The good people

Are coming back

To get me

I know it


Its large brown eyes

Seemed to say

Its tail twitched faintly

In the stirrings of a wag.


In me it found

A soul as lonesome

A heart as patient

Eyes as beseeching


The first pattering of raindrops

It stood up

Gave me a knowing look

And limped away.

                                                    ~Arathi Mohan

                                                       Kozhikode, India

One Comment

  1. Beautiful & touching poem.Looking forward to more such poems Arathi.