That Day

by Debashruti Ghosh

The clock struck 12 at night and the moon shined the brightest making the desolate road look beautiful. Emily who was sitting on a rocking chair on her balcony looked at the full moon. She praised the beauty of the night in her mind looking at this view when suddenly she received a message on her phone. It was from an unknown number, maybe someone from her office whose number is not saved she thought. Emily went inside her room and closed the door of her balcony. It was Sunday the next day so she stayed up a bit longer that night. She switched off all the lights except for the light standing beside her bed. Finally, after laying down on her bed she opened the message. It was a short message and after reading it Emily was all tensed. The message was “You don’t know me, but I know you and I will surely kill you. I am always seeing you and there’s no way you can run from me”.
 Emily was a 30-year-old unmarried lady who was living in California all alone in a rented house. She lived a very simple life and never really had any friends or relatives except for an aunt with whom she didn’t have any connection for almost 5 years. All she had in her life was her work, she worked in a laboratory and most of the time she is out of her home. Just a month back there had been a murder in her locality and the body of that lady has not yet been found. However everyone in the locality was now a prime suspect for the police and no one was allowed to leave from there until and unless the criminal is caught, till then no one was safe. Emily knew it, and according to the awareness spread through the help of a meeting arranged by the police department, she took many precautions like always having a small knife with her always and many other things. However, she now knew very well that she was the next target of that killer. She couldn’t sleep that night and as soon as the Sun was up she decided to call the police for help. But once again she received another message from the same number saying “DON’T CALL THE POLICE” and there was another message but this time it was an image. Emily checked and she almost dropped her phone because it was the image of her house from outside. Emily was now trembling with fear knowing that the killer is standing outside and can enter at any moment. She was standing all shocked not knowing what to do at that moment.
She gathered some courage and texted back to the same number, “What do you want from me?” There was no reply from the other end. Her mind was now clouded with all sorts of thoughts, she wanted to cry out loudly and wanted to get out of the situation at any cost. That’s when she heard a loud noise from the upper floor of her house. She wanted to scream for help but not even a single noise came out from her throat. She was sitting behind a slab in the kitchen trying to hide herself from that unknown fear of her. Then she somehow tried to gain some courage and decided to check upstairs. She dialed 911 on her phone so that in case of an emergency she can call for help. After that, she took a big knife for self-defense and started climbing the stairs. Her legs were shaking and she was continuously sweating and trembling in fear. She entered her bedroom only to find her room totally in a mess. Her favourite flower vase was broken and its shattered pieces were lying everywhere. That’s when she received another text message, she somehow managed to open it and it said: “YOU WILL DIE”. Emily was at the verge of a breakdown, she felt helpless and that’s when she heard another loud noise from the basement. She closed her eyes, tear drops fell on her feet and she took a deep breath. Once again she gathered all her courage and went to the basement in tiptoe. She tightened her grip on the knife, however, what she saw in the basement made her statue for a minute. She didn’t know how to react to the scene, it was blood.
There was a body in front of her, the body of that lady who was killed mercilessly. “Why would a killer bring the body here?”, that’s the only thing going inside her head. The killer now sent another message, Emily opened it in the speed of lighting, she read “See the lady that’s how I will kill you as well”. Emily saw the dead body once again her nails were all broken forcefully and her face, Emily closed her eyes the moment she saw the face. The eyes were damaged with something very sharp and there were cuts all over the face and body. It didn’t take a minute for Emily to realise that it’s a psycho killer. The previous lady was just not killed, she was tortured mercilessly by a demon. All these things made Emily more scared she started shaking more in fear. She felt weak on her knees and sat on the blood itself making her white dress get stained with the blood. That’s when she felt someone else’s presence. Emily gulped in fear, she wanted to run but her legs didn’t make a move. She felt like a helpless stone not knowing what to do next. That’s when it struck to her mind that there’s an emergency button connected with the police control room itself specially made for this situation, that way any police officer present nearby will get alert and they can easily recieve help. However for that she needs to go back to her living room, she collected all her remaining courage and ran out of the basement all the way to the living room. Panicking all the way she pressed the button with all her force.
“That’s when I felt unconscious out of fear and after that, I remember nothing else” tears continuously steaming down her eyes, she said to the police. She then closed her eyes for a minute and sighed heavily. The police officer then handed her a glass of water to calm her down. Then he said to her “Miss, thankfully our officer reached your home at time so you were saved but now the serial killer knows your face so we will make arrangements please leave the country tonight itself until and unless we find the killer. Emily nodded her head still crying. Then she went back to her house from the police station accompanied by two other police officers for her safety. The flight was at 8 pm she was going back to her aunt who lives in Canada right now. She asked the officers to wait outside the house and after 5 minutes packed her bag and came out.
It was now 9 pm Emily was sitting on her flight which is going to take off in about 5 minutes. The officers at the police station were now analysing the CCTV camera footage of the whole day outside Emily’s house but unfortunately, the CCTV camera was broken and nothing actually got recorded. The police officers then tried to check all the CCTVs of the society but all of them were broken. All the police officers were shocked.
The flight now has taken off, and after some time she took out two mobile phones from her bag. She opened her first phone to check the messages, she saw the last msg sent by the killer as she also showed them to the police officers.  She read it once again, “see the lady I will kill you the same way”. Now she opened her second phone’s messages where she never sent the last msg, it said: “It will be fun killing you”. She deleted it and said to herself, “If I had sent that message it would have been too much it’s better without that message”. She closed her eyes and automatically an evil smile came onto her face when she remembered how badly that lady was begging at her knees to not kill her and how she popped her eyes, that really gave her a different level of satisfaction”. Then she smiled and looked at the picture of another lady who she mentioned as her aunt but actually was her next target.
About the Author:
Debashruti Ghosh is from Kolkata, West Bengal. She is 18 years old and is currently a student in school.

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