Destiny – The Game Of Life

In realms where dreams and fates collide,A tapestry woven, unseen, untied.Destiny, the game that whispers true,With cosmic rules, it binds me and you.                                   Upon this stage, where choices sway,We dance and play, both night and day.Yet through the haze of life’s grand scheme,The hand of fate orchestrates the dream.                                   Each step we take, a dice is thrown,Paths intertwine, a web is sewn.With every move, a ripple born,In this game of fate, we are reborn.                                   Oh Destiny, elusive and grand,We grasp for power with eager hand.Through trials faced and battles fought,We seek our purpose, our lessons taught.                                   In lands unknown, we wander far,Guided by the whims of a distant star.With each encounter, a soul we touch,Bound by a game that we’ve been thrust.                                                                     The rules are set, but not in stone,Free will and chance, a dance unknown.In this grand tapestry of life’s design,We strive for glory, seek what’s divine.                                   Yet in the end, when curtains fall,And destiny’s game reveals its call,We’ll find our place, our purpose clear,For in this game, there’s naught to fear.                                   The journey with twists and turns,As destiny plays, our spirit learns.With every triumph, every defeat,our essence, our soul complete.                                                 Play this game of fate,With open hearts, we’ll navigate.For destiny’s hand may guide the way,But it’s the choices that shape the game we play.


~Swaroop Bhowmik

 Vadodara, India

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