The Deadly Consequence of Nonsensical Chats

by Tarun Bandarupalle

Ram and Shyam, two buddies, make a tendency of taking a lengthy nighttime walk so they may spend valuable time together. Ram will think up absurd or nonsensical subjects to engage Shyam in a lengthy discourse. Even while Shyam participates actively and responds during the talk, he can’t help but wonder, “Why does he only pick these topics that have no sense, especially when we walk, as he is a genius, smart, and intelligent person?” Since he is having fun, laughing, and enjoying himself—everything he needs after a tough day at the office—Shyam never asks him. Ram owns a sizable grocery store, while Shyam works as a software programmer.
When Shyam arrived for their rendezvous one evening, he was surprised to see Ram there with a few of his buddies. He was aware of how important and unique the nighttime strolls were for both of them because it was the first time they had been outsiders. He hurried over to Ram and requested a brief private conversation. Ram evaded Shyam’s repeated requests to learn the major cause for their friends’ visit. Instead, he made fun of Shyam for acting like a child and being immature. As the conversation had to come to an end, Shyam agreed. Ram introduced Shyam to his pals Bunny and Jennings. They all got up and started walking while grinning. Ram feels pleased that the first part of his strategy has been accomplished but Shyam is internally concerned.
 As usual, Shyam will start the conversation, which is lame and nonsensical and has no meaning. But the main difference is that Ram doesn’t react to the conversation as he does every day. This created more panic in Shyam’s mind, yet he tried really hard to get a reply from Ram. In the meantime, those two people were staring at Shyam with weird looks. Somehow Ram managed to control his emotions and get involved in the conversation so that Shyam couldn’t have any more doubts, which could spoil his plan. On their way back to home, Ram made Shyam wait for some time so that his friends could get some food and water, as they were feeling hungry and they weren’t used to going for these long walks.
In the meantime, his two friends went to bring the necessary equipment, which was part of their plan. Ram lied so that they would have time to go to the place where they had hidden the weapons.
The main reason for their appearance is to make Shyam realise what is the impact of these conversations in Ram’s life. Ram is not in a stage anymore to hang with him or to listen to all this bullshit as he has been brutally trolled for the past three or four days by his friends, The day before, a few of his colleagues, without Ram’s notice, listened to their conversations, and they made a video in which they morphed Ram into other conversations that were not appropriate. This incident happened four days ago, but Ram brought his friends that evening, as he had ample time to design this master plan to attack and teach Shyam a lesson of his life.
Ram was deeply disturbed, but instead of confronting Shyam, he attempted to end Shyam’s life. Jennings and Bunny are not Ram’s friends. They are local goons hired to attack Shyam brutally so that he realises what he has done to Ram. Soon both returned, Ram started hitting Shyam, and a few seconds later both joined. Jennings passed a cricket stump and started beating Shyam. Fortunately, Shyam managed to escape and return home. He went to sleep straight away, feeling confused about what had happened. He is in disbelief that Ram has done this to him.
He was surprised to discover Ram in his bedroom the following morning and wondered if what had happened the night before was genuine or just a dream. Yes, it’s real, Ram said with a furious expression on his face. Shyam’s weeping became uncontrollable as he observed Ram’s sinister personality. He enquired as to what led him to make this choice and produce this circumstance. Ram then went through the entire narrative while displaying the transformed films. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier that this could have been resolved in a different way,” Shyam responded. You are not being humiliated by me or by my senseless, dull chats. But I’m glad it did because it allowed me to glimpse your deadly side, which is worse than a poisonous snake. By stating this, Shyam broke their enduring and lovely link of brotherhood and friendship by requesting that Ram leave his house.
This story serves as a cautionary tale about making hasty decisions. If you need to confront someone or end a relationship, it is important to do so calmly and thoughtfully. Shyam was fortunate to escape the attack, but the outcome could have been much worse. The moral of the story is to always take the time to think things through and avoid making rash decisions that could have serious consequences.

About the Author: 

Tarun Bandarupalle from Hyderabad is a passionate writer and music lover. A blogger who constantly helps in creating awareness among the public regarding various topics. A die-hard fan of MSD who loves to meet him one day. An aspiring writer who loves to learn day in and day out for constant growth. Friends and Family are two diamonds in his life. Believe in the concept of “Be the change rather than preaching others about the change in society.”

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