Interwoven Cosmos

Amidst the swirling mists of time,

Where past and present intertwine,

The mysteries of life unfold,

In patterns ancient and untold.


A symphony of light and sound,

Infinite rhythms that astound,

A dance of atoms, stars, and souls,

That shape the cosmos as it rolls.


The fabric of reality,

A tapestry of harmony,

In which each thread plays its own part,

Intricate, delicate, a work of art.


Through joy and pain, through birth and death,

The pulse of life, the fleeting breath,

A paradox, a mystery,

The essence of our history.


Yet in the darkness, there’s a spark,

A light that shines through every dark,

The hope that springs from deep within,

A new beginning, a chance to win.


So let us journey on this path,

With open hearts and minds unmasked,

And may we find the beauty rare,

In every moment, everywhere.


~Tanu Singh


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