Inner and Outer Landscapes that Resonate

Innermost thoughts remain etched in the collective imagination for generations

Drink before the hot coffee gets cold while striving for excellence and exhilaration

Fertile ground and style with its essence of thinking, learning, and problem-solving

High time to shift gears from the first to speed up professional and social life going


Explore the outside world and inner desires, deep anxieties, and myriad hopes

Exciting continuum of human ups and downs touches and teaches us life scopes

Easy access to education makes a learner, strong enough to live in sparkling cheer

Education is not the filling of a container, though the lighting of a radiating fire


Be enthusiastic and move on in life by shedding your old skin to wear a new one

Make the most of your present, as you cannot have a rainbow without a bit of rain

Take on difficult circumstances in a new light with a pleasant smile on your face

Respond to current challenges through several common threads across seven seas


Keep your dreams alive by completely immersing in your sound subtlety

Minimize the potential for abuse through the adequate and explicit formality

Now the virtual reality in the movie appears more real than the physical reality

An ideological commitment to the natural ecosystem of the nation’s vitality


Time to socialize with friends by changing our perspective towards the third person

The discovery of an electronic calendar does not mean the end of the hard-copy version

The continuous improvement of candles will not lead to the invention of electric light

Need leaders with resumes, vision, charisma, capacity, or energy to lead from the front


Ignite fresh enthusiasm and inspire the alert learners to dream of a better tomorrow

Persons flourish to fulfil their full potential with a greater level of involvement flow

All that matters is to bring scale and quality orientation to healthcare infrastructure

Plugging the bureaucratic black hole also matters on this tough road ahead juncture


Strengthen the healthcare system in an easy to reach, but hard-to-touch hospitals

Have less fear of losing life than the excitement of winning over the transmittal

Ideas of sophistication and physical infrastructure where form meets function

A closer connection with the journey of an optimistic dreamer with a direction


Provide a fertile field for people’s creativity to bloom and keep the spark ever in battle

Do not expect apples by planting orange saplings or comparing an orange with an apple

Always speaking up the right thing at the right time in the right way matters socially

Blood is thicker than water as waves of relatable dignified life resonate emotionally


~B.H.S. Thimmappa

Udupi, India

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