Thousand Times…

I saw the moon thousand times;She has never altered a bit.The night is brightly illuminated with her simle,And the nightly life reignited with so much mirth.How passionately I gaze at her every night,Amazed by its beauty and clairvoyance.There is more excitement to wax and wane,Along with the phases of the moon.As she show herself in various size and shape,It only authenticates different night’s of existence. Indeed, not every night is same;It has its own glory and flame. In her presence, the sky appears jovial;The night is activated and enthused.She is the symbol of hope and positivity,Amidst the clouds of murkiness and darkness. I wonder not about the darkness and murkiness,I know there is a moon.It can be silly at times to blindly rely on her,As she stands on the pinnacle of uncertainty.Yet, I keep my faith strong and trust that she is always there.I saw her thousand times,And never did she falter or fail,To keep the night warm and bright,And garner the love and trust from the hearts that yawned for her.It is only in the darkness, I get to see her better;It is only in the darkness, I appreciate her beauty.I saw the moon thousand times,And I wish to see thousand times more.I shall keep waxing and wanning together with her forever,While I continue to live a richer nightly life,Despite darkness and murkiness all around. 
~Yeshi Nidup

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