The Saxena Household

by Manya Saxena

This is a story about a family, a Ghazal and a realization. Sunday morning brings the age-old Saxena household convention. The sweet sound of Jagjit Singh ricochets our heart’s desire. There’s something called peace and then there’s association. Sunday morning in the Saxena household brings one close to life, the understanding of and of ourselves. Sunday in the Saxena household passes as hurriedly as a snitch as if is too eager to jump to the next one. The morning starts with the beauty of Adrak walee Chai, the pleasant aroma of Halwa Nagori, and the soulfulness of Jagjit Singh. A sight not to be missed, a feeling, incomprehensible. The birds chirp too sweetly, and the people speak a bit softer, the traffic disappears on a Sunday morning. We dream of perfection, we strive for it too but when it’s a Sunday, perfection becomes you in the Saxena household. “Kyun Daren Zindagi se kya hoga, kuch Na hua to tajurba hoga”(why should we fear life, what will happen, if nothing else, we’ll gain experience), these words once echoed like a recurring dream is now, the motto of my life. So many dreams are made, and discussed, so many decisions made and lived on a Sunday in the Saxena household. I’m not hovering around the days to end, rather, I lie here in wait for the next Sunday.

About the Author:

Manya Saxena is a writer and lawyer based in New Delhi.


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