I followed the Sun throughout the day,Hoping to see my soulmate but in vain.I neither saw your footprint nor saw your shadow;I am spellbound how swiftly you have disappeared.At night, I trailed the Moon till dawn;I searched every nook and cranny. In silence, I listened with an expectation to hear your heart beat;Instead, it was sounds of crickets and insects that dominated the night.The fast winds blew from the West to East;I trusted them to rescue my mission,But they passed by whispering in my ears without any message. Perhaps clouds must have hidden herOr I have missed the winds that brought the message. All of them failed to find my soulmate;Yet, I have strong faith and trust on them.I remain grateful for the support and guidance;May be the golden time is yet to come. I realized that it is beyond my reach,As it is the faith that does everything. I shall keep following the Sun and Moon,And keep listening to the Winds. I am certain, I will be able to find her,And bring my glory back to life.
I wish my soulmate to look at the Sun and Moon,
And know that I am looking for her.
If not, she could send me message through the Westwinds,
Which passes by simply whispering.
~Yeshi Nidup

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