Echo of Ego

Self-esteem is to be noted as someone’s ego.

But always someone’s thought process gets hampered with its echo.

In this world everyone should have self-respect.

Also, each of us should acknowledge others’ aspects.

But everywhere practically exist the echo of egomania,

which is the root cause of anger and conflicts in family and social areas.

At a young age one must obey all the instructions of elders and superior.

One must perform word to word, irrespective of looking at another angle of mirror.

Otherwise, there will be an ego hurt and ego clash in society.

But no one knows that ego is the rational part of personality.

Being aggressive and overreacting spoils one’s own image.

It is the outcome of one’s insecurity and inferiority complex.

One’s ego should not reflect on others as dominance.

One should not control others’ life and thought process.

There should be a healthy open air of exchange of ideas.

One’s ego should not be possessive of stereotype orthodox pandora-box.

Egoistic mind should reflect the ray of a broader outlook.

Acceptance of new challenges evolve with cordial thoughts.

Excessive preoccupation with one’s ego is egomania.

One’s own ungoverned impulses create chaotic dilemmas.

Everyone should be aware of one’s worth,

But humiliating others, one should not proceed on life-path.

Too much ego blows the sound of delusions of personal greatness and grandeurs.

Egomaniac person feels a lack of motivation and appreciation.

Ego should be a beautiful feature of human character,

which spreads its natural fragrance with a peaceful tune of behavior.


~Mondira Ganguly

Bengaluru, India

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