A Wish: Flowers in My Dark Room

This flowering mustard field,

these smiling flowers,

Pale in colour, shining like a melting gold,

Rising the elegance of this splendours  fragrant  garden,

These miles and miles of even land

This ebbing of crops,

Rising and falling with each fresh eddy, with

 just a gust of wild wind,

Some straying at places,

 The next -moment disappears into broad.

These rich rivers teaching life lessons,

Yet knowing their end,

 Blend in bigger streams are their consequence

Still, running towards that distant mirage in horizon,

In the hope of that silver light, from the ocean.

These paths dipped in colour light and delight,

 Brimming over with life and laughter, these bees swaying

Drinking the nectar of these flowers,

“O mighty shade of illumination,

“O beloved splendid nature,”

Is there anything I can offer to your overflowing  lap,

My room of heart is doomed with tears and a sigh of gloom.


~Abhishu Sharma


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