Wings That Can Fly!

Those who’ve the wings are privileged;

 They can fly toward the destination of their choice,

And fly at their whims and wishes.

It takes copious sweat to flap their wings,

To take them far away and fly at a greater height.

Some wings can reach unreached places,

And fly incredibly high.

It’s a pleasure to watch someone fly;

Glide swiftly and softly, and utterly at peace.

Unfortunately, not every wing can fly,

With the same speed and swiftness.

There are variations in nature’s design,

That must be counted for everything.

There are some who’ve the wings but can’t fly,

Which is more painful than the one without wings.

It’s equally aching to wish for a flight,

When you don’t have wings,

And when you’ve wings that cannot fly.

There is something to worry,

About the wings that fly at greater speed and height,

As there is every risk of hit and drop,

Anytime, anywhere.

Sooner or later, those wings will be inept to fly;

And be a burden for the one who borne it.

It’s the time that will tell tales,

Both sweet and bitter about the wings,

That could fly and couldn’t fly,

And finally be laid off on the ground.

By then, anyone’s wishes to grow wings and fly,

Will make no sense and serve nobody.

As long as you have the wings and energy,

Keep flapping and flying to new places and new heights.


~Yeshi Nidup


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