Unlike Everyone Else

by Tiyasha Khanra

I had a Sylvia kind of depression. I thought the world is colorful. But I never realised how pale I am. I am no less than Sylvia.
Life made me realise that love isn’t chocolate and roses, that you give someone every time you court him/her. Rather, love is fifteen counseling in a single year. Have you ever loved someone that way?
I cannot recall my love story. But some things flash in my mind.  Always. Like, the first time you met me, you were in a green panjabi. The second time, you came in a raincoat. Yes! The sky was pouring that day. Most probably I fell for you the third time. You had a great smile, I must say. Maybe you still have.
I couldn’t have fought for the crown if y’all have accepted my right to food and cloth. But later on, I realised that the crown is made for me only. I repeat. And the war was my fate. The victory was my consequence.
Words have the power to kill someone. Words have the power to heal someone. Depends on the speaker. There are some people in the world, whose utterances can give you real goosebumps. Literally. And you are one of them.
You were like a providential fund to me. I had stored you to withdraw at a bad time. But the bad time never came for me and I left the PF, as it is.
You were my all-time inspiration. You taught me to hold on to my impulses. Not to mess it up. Someday I was entirely naked with my thoughts.
But today I feel so shy. Hiding out my feelings. No more a social media freak. I too know how to kill my voice; how to be like you.
You never complained about my brownish lips nor I hid it under the red lipstick. You never made me feel guilty for my cheeks full of marks of pimples. You never put query why I never pluck my eyebrows nor I went to the saloon to fake my natural beauty. I always knew that I am more than beautiful the way I am. Your praise was a bonus. My confidence is the last stone to fall back on. I never thought to take extra care of my hair. I never cared about little or big things unlike everyone else.
I set my way the day I met your wife. I knew what a battlefield looks like. I fought and I conquered. You pluck the crown from her head. Her legacy ended. I was supposed to be the new queen but I rejected the crown and I rejected your kingdom because the bitch has her own hell to the sovereign.

About the Author:

Tiyasha Khanra is a poet and an author, she lives in Kolkata, India. 

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