The Selfish Giant

The birth of a koel is always in a crow’s nest.

But we always abuse the crow and the koel gets the praise.

Similarly at present majority of the people enjoy their lives

by exploiting and deceiving others emotional feelings.

The whole world is moving towards a selfish goal.

The essence of self-motive flourishes from most of the soul.

The attitude is openly executed for their own satisfaction and gain.

There are no considerations, no empathy for others’ pain.

The beautiful flowers are used for all decorations.

Even the different garlands are arranged in puja and festivals.

Each flower with its own colour and fragrance creates its identity,

but no one remembers the original plant and its productivity.

Those who still care sacrifice and compromise for others,

In this current era, they are very few in numbers.

That category of people is termed as a bunch of fools and losers.

As they swallow all their personal dreams and desires,

to maintain the peace and happy smooth flow of others’ lives.

At the end, with the crown of depression and frustration they continue to survive.

Every aspect of our life is cultivated with the seeds of corruption.

This is also the outcome of someone’s fulfilling of self-aspiration.

People are sometimes too diplomatic with others.

Knowing something is wrong, they keep their mouth shut.

This attitude projects good self-image as obvious,

Don’t you think that this kind of behaviour is also a selfish act?

Since childhood we have preached the ideology of always telling the truth.

These words are now really banging the tantrum of ridiculous myths.

Most of the people are Hippocrates.

They instantly become chameleons to gain self-acts.

Selfish attribution is the key reason for the outcome of injustice and violence.

The shower of honest love, help and consideration should wipe out all indifference.

Everyone has read the story of ‘The Selfish Giant’ in their childhood.

Wish now also God should appear, change, and give us a beautiful and selfless world.


~Mondira Ganguly.

Bangalore, India


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