It Nestles

Brisk walking around the city lane
People’s lives choices
Where houses become homes
Pulling over my rose-glassed vision
Chasing Atlantic coast cry faraway
A sea-gull hawks in
Moorland of giggling girls
Paintbrushes underneath
Uncover an artist’s phase
Greenspaned across
Acronyms of word things
Kindness expressed interesting factoids
Kitchen sink cabinet dramas
In television screen
A city dapples in homeboy land
Young eyed Peas pots kites nestled
Baby-eyed blue things
It held nestled in casement cases
Parrots squeak through
The reel of cinematic universe
A journey to seek a pair of
Ballerina shoes
It holds many escapades
Brisk walking tower merchandise
Fairyland of open case library
It nestles.

~Sayani Mukherjee


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