Hostel Days

Surrounded by a feeling of dread and dismay

I’m thinking about the good old hostel days

Stealing macaroni from the mess was a piece of cake

Playing guitar till the sun took the night away

We were young we were free, we had nothing to fake

We had chappal and danda before that birthday cake

The horror stories about our pg kept us wide awake

I miss those 2am walks, the cold wind hitting my face

I still remember that memorable first-year night

Watching grudge at 3 too scared to hit the lights

Rum balls at a sip of doon was a daily thing

Playing 2k15 for that frostick bet I’m in

Exams gaye bhad me let’s go multiplayer

Bro aadha syllabus bacha but we don’t care

Now I wonder where did that innocence go?

In the city of dreams life’s a horror show

But then I smile thinking about the memories we made

I really really miss those hostel days


~Devansh Joshi

Haridwar, India 

Instagram: @thepoeticposse

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