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They fought among them,

the Devas and the Asuras,

mitigate the sufferings,

a choice they made!


The ocean was churned,

serpentine force helped to execute:

Years passed,

moments elapsed,

eras fleeted away

like the wink of an eyelid!


The heavenly bodies appeared,

the hemlock consumed

by the Lord!

Lost consciousness.

Brought back by the Goddess of the universe!


The moment ripened,

the vessel of elixir appeared,

both desired to snatch,

conflict began anew!

The Preserver intervened,

the Gods gifted with nectar,

the demons an ordinary sip!


Was it really an injustice?

Was it really a deed of the saviour?

The answer still lies in the womb of time.

The Omniscient.

The Omnipresent.

The Omnipotent!!


    ~Kunal Roy 

Kolkata, India

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