She was the daughter

of Viswamitra and Maneka,

brought up amid the woods,

fell in love with the King



The King discovered the savage

in her.

She was in deep love,

her passion was unbridled!

The King desired her

in her arms!

Left her in the woods,

returned to the palace!


A misfortune was spelt,

she was absorbed in his thought,

sage Durvasha,

burst forth in anger.

Shakuntala was cursed!

The king forgot her,

immense plight!


With the whispers of time

changes forayed,

A son was born

called Bharata!

Brave, Confident, Impeccable!


The intensity reduced,

the curse faded,

miracle –

the ring of diamond

behaved as a bridge.

The King visited the woods,

Shakuntala hailed him.

The wedlock,

the Gods showered flowers,

went back to the Palace,

lived happily ever after!!


     ~ Kunal Roy

    Kolkata, India

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