Bustling Life

I became busier with greed growing fast,
I hardly realized when the day passed.
I wondered, if I had time to think of my life for a second;
When I was overwhelmed with infinite things to attend.
I was busy weaving a day for tomorrow,
Overriding the truth of uncertainty in sorrow.
The noise awakened my night,
And my mind roamed the universe without fright.

With the destination unknown,
I foolishly kept traveling alone.


I miserably failed to live,
As I am engrossed to weave.


I’ve misunderstood the Sun,
And miserably failed to play the fun.


I empathized the Moon,
As the night has lost its fortune.


As long as I am busy,
Nothing is gonna be easy.


I hated to live this life chained with greed,
When I’ve everything that I need.


If greed is nurtured,
My life will be least tortured.


How shall I rephrase my life,
So as to recreate myself.

~Yeshi Nidup


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