Murky Night…

Quilt in the blanket of the murky night,
My thoughts are having a suffocating fight,
For I have no one to converse with,
So, I talk with the wall and it’s obsolete dirt.
Fan cools my burning heart,
And bulbs give me strengths to walk,
Walls echo my voice in every second,
Fear draws nearer to break in.
I lay on the icy floor,
But fails to sleep and snore,
For my mind keeps floating on the ceiling,
Drinking tears and those scary feelings.
Window’s glass converse a lot,
I try to reply, but,
My lungs swallow my speech,
And in loneliness I again beseech.
I hide behind the creaking door,
As I hear the cascade of water in pour,
I hug my bosom and cry in pain,
As I am jailed and I am chained.
An owl hoots in the deepest woods,
Tearing my emotion in every foot,
I measure the journey of my night,
And get lost in my own fright.
~ Bagawath Bhandari 

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