Incarnation of Love!

Before break of dawn when Moon wanes,
I search for you in my memory lanes.
You leave me alone, my heart breaks,
Love’s terra firma, my faith shakes.
Have you ever felt as I am feeling now,
Never break your word once you take a vow.
It’s a mystery that shakes my heart and mind,
If I meet you again your whereabouts to find.
You are the secret behind  meeting of eyes,
The milk of humanity in sanctorum lies.
My heart strings vibrates in tuneful melody,
I feel your presence the fragrance of your body.
In my heart’s temple a candle burns,
The deity of love appears smiling turns.
My prayers awake you in incantation,
The deity and devotee meet in unison.
O airborne spirit, O incarnation of love,
O fairy of love, shower blessings from above.
When the Moon beckons from high sky,
My heart leaps up and like avians fly.
~ Monalisa Parida

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