Phantom From Past

I live, normally, in the present day

Don’t brood over that’s gone away


Nor worried about what’s in future

Being happy-go-lucky is my nature


Sometimes when I am not busy

The mind wanders a bit uneasy


And from several dark corners

I heard mysterious whispers


The voice of a certain phantom,

Asking me why I forgot custom


I should not have betrayed him

Did I really? Or was it his whim?


I moved on, I didn’t betray,

In past, forever, I couldn’t stay


But those who are left behind,

Now want me the clock to rewind


Backtrack in the memory lane,

I do that as much as I can


The river of memory flows back,

Voices are in the eerie soundtrack


They beckon me in a flashback

Showing a riddle that I must crack


Such kind of whispers in memory

Are sheer torture, pain, and misery


~Sudha Dixit

Bangalore, India

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