Fake Trance…

Love will fade,
With no shade,
It is colourless and it is odorless,
When someone you love is fake.
That bewitching smile wanes,
Those captivating eyes burn,
Everything turns to be ashes,
Just below your gazing eyes.
You forefeit thy life,
But you’re placed on the knife,
You’re sliced and pickled,
With feather of fakeness you’re tickled.
Those promising dreams,
Those gurgling streams,
And those scenic scenes,
Dilapidate with no feelings.
The darkness hovers around you,
As silence gives you no clue,
You’re emotions are brewed,
As thy innocence is sued.
In the Court of Justices,
You’re chopped into pieces,
But you sacrifice for someone you love,
Knowing they will soar like a dove.
The world itself is fake,
As it burns and bakes,
The emotions in the fire of flaws,
When we are served unfair laws.
A heart needs medicine to rest,
Pumping deeply in the chest,
Life ain’t praiseworthy verse,
Filled with hatred and curse.
~Bagawath Bhandari

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