Money Speaks Louder than Humanity…

It breaks my heart,

To see the modern earth,

Where people value money and fame,

And humanity became a dirty game.


I can’t hold my tears,

When the world isn’t fair,

When rich have plenty to eat,

Poor ones survive with a drop of spit.


I can’t hold my tears to see,

Wanning of pure humanity,

Where rich ones fly in-plane,

And poor ones hold enormous pains.


I can’t hold my tears,

To see the world engulfed in fear,

Where rich ones are valued more,

And poor ones walk with tears in the pour.


I can’t bear the pain,

To witness the game,

Where new generations image their parents,

Just in social media to earn their fame.


I can’t bear any more cuts,

When I see mother earth getting hurt,

The human desire never ends,

And for their purpose earth is bearing the pain.


The death doesn’t differentiate a person,

And we have to die at any moment,

Let’s make the world a better place to live,

With no pain, yells, cry, and grief.


~Tshering Yangden 


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