Life Be Like…

Be the Sun that never fails to shine
in the darkness engulfed by blanket of clouds.
Without you, the world appears gloomy
as if all the joys are robbed of a man.

Be the moon that brings night’s glory;
the night, drowned in esctasy under the glorious moon.
The dancing moon travels so fast,
keeping the stars aghast.

Be the bees that is adored by every flower
that blooms beautifully in the garden of heaven;
simply feed on the holy nectar and entice the eternal bliss,
with the sweetness of heavenly made.

Be the bird with muscular wings;
fly to the greater height and length.
Dive and glide leisurely without fear,
and enjoy the life of a bird.

Be the seed that grows into a prosperous tree,
bear bountiful fruits and give immense joy to the peasants.
It withstands the rain and shines with hope;
a seed vows to grow against all odds to leave a legacy.

Be the star that outshines every other star.
Thousands twinkle but you capture the hearts of all.
Everyone’s life be like that of a Sun, Moon, bees, birds and the star;
dancing on their own music of life, gracefully.

~Yeshi Nidup


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