Unwelcomed Quest

She walks through the rough road

Aimlessly, endlessly.

Sadness echoed her ears

As tiny droplets rolls of her cheeks


Her wrinkled face told many stories.

But happiness polish her pace

Euphoric mask stick to her soul,

Where she is trapped in darkness


Leaning on the tree

She waited for a unwelcomed quest,

An illusion guest,

A non exist quest.

To escape from the darkness

Which tied her.


Darkness is not new to her

It’s her favourite spot,

Black is not new colour to her,

It’s her favourite color,


Past still haunt her like a

Tail ghost,

Alone she suffers and alone she lives,


There she lay as emotionless empty can, in a cursed palace


                                                                    ~ Raheema KV

                                                                   Kannur, India

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