Pursuit of Indianness: A Tryst with 21st Century Vis-a’-Vis Billion Dreams

India is not only a Nation-State;

It’s an incredible pious journey; A journey!

Yes, it’s a journey of series of nomenclatures…

In Biblical Hebrew, it is termed as Hodu.

It is also ‘Nabhivarsa’, as it appears to the Navel ( Nabhi ) of the Earth;

It is the land of Jambu trees- ‘Jambudvipa’.

Persian termed it- Hind or Hindustan

It is also Bharata, in fond of legacy left by King Bharatha !!



India & Indianness are as ancient as the oldest civilization,

We more than one billion dedicated Indian have this realization!

Our souls & footprints are integrated in waters of continuously flowing Indus,

Our diplomacy and foreign policy can be traced in glowing inscription nimbus!!


Our majestic merchandise & morals higher than our lives- turned us into”Sone ki Chidiya”,

Our rich knowledge base founded on tenets of Vedas turned us into “Gyan ki Ganga“!

We have embraced world with discovery of Zero;

The dazzling duo of Brahmgupta & Aryabhatt is the ultimate ancient mathematical Hero!!


We are the motherland of Sanskrit, which is more than a language,

It’s an ocean, which contributed to the rise of several other rivers!

Rivers of languages, ‘Matra’ becomes ‘Mother’, ‘Jyamiti’ becomes Geometry!!


World find India as a sweet nation;

As we have embraced globe with candied sugar!

We are also termed as “Viswa Guru“,

As, we embraced the world with its first University Takshila (700 B.C)!!


India has given the world the game of mind & tactics – the chess,

We gave the world the cure for Leprosy,

Our medical & surgical excellence can be traced across several enriched testaments!

Whether it is Atharva Veda (1500-1200 BCE) & surgical saga embedded Sushruta Samhita;

We have given the globe Aayurveda, Which is spread today from New Delhi to New York, Patna to Paris & Haridwar to Helinski !!


We have also empowered the world with our digital teeth,

Whether, it is Pentium Chip invented by Vinod Dham or

USB designed by Ajay Bhatt.

I don’t know why some of our people having so called ‘Colonial hangover’ and ‘Western Syndrome’..

When we have the thousands of examples & experts better than Google Chrome,

We have Kautilya’s Kootniti bible in the form of Arthashastra;

We have one of the largest & supreme documents in the form of Samvidhan Shastra (Constitution)!

India having Ambedkarite ideals;

It is having Gandhi’s Charkha Wheel & non-violence Zeal!!


21st Century is ours…

It’s era of Indianness & return towards Indian glorious hours!

Covid has put us into temporary frustrating quarantined towers,

But our democratic dividend & yuva Shakti will garner developmental flowers!!


Take a pledge for India,

Initiate a sledge against its problems,

Problems are multi-dimensional,

Poverty, Inequality, Unemployment…

Need holistic approach & decentralized democratic deployment!!

We need to remain united..

If we want India developmentally excited!


We will restore its glory,

It’s about more than a billion dreams & billion population story..

‘Pursuit of Indianness’ is the ultimate equation,

We more than billion minds and hearts are its vectors & variables,

When these variables & vectors will rhyme on the largest democratic podium…

India will bounce like sizzling sodium….not only in its Smart Cities but also in its soul Model Villages!!


                                                                                                                 ~Shonit Nayan

                                                                                                                  New Delhi, India

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