We the Winter’s Children…

We the winter’s children…

await to embrace the beauty and hope of spring

as the season of woe and hibernation begs leave

we petite souls engage in effervescence and respite unshed feelings ooze out to fuel seraphic wings having lived for months under snow quilt thaw ensues …

cold splatters begin to thin and evanescence a whiff of fresh breath kisses stagnant lakes

life rejuvenates,hope sprouts.. amid warble of wren

at the cusp of blissful aura hearts remain entwined

a bit of soul searching too finds its place

the eternal truth -”bidding adieu and embracing new”

primes its  grace

wisp of clouds whisper these subtleties

guide us to accept each of life’s phase

from winter to spring as we move every time

a little sadness some yearning we leave behind.

at the intersection of “bygone” and “yet to be”

our footsteps falter, leave us apprehensive

life’s beauty lies in appreciating both parts and the whole

each has its role play in the mega episode.


                                                                                     ~ Sujata Dash 

                                                                                     Bhubaneswar, India

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