Science is Suspect When It Relies Upon Politics

by Mark Antony Rossi

For nearly a hundred years we have been bombarded with the mantra “if only science can be freed from religion it could achieve the highest benefits for humanity.”

Meanwhile during this theological untangling Science climbed in bed with politics and the bastardization of facts have taken a deformed life of its own.

The Communist Soviets blindly used a bogus biology supposedly infusing seeds with the ability to withstand winter temperatures and condemned millions to starvation. The Nazi regime fueled by anti Semitic idiocy experimented on live humans in an attempt to create racially pure specimens.

In modern times we deal with global issues that have suspect sources. A recent UN climate change study used fraudulent key temperature data which conveniently supports a political agenda popular with international environmentalists.

During the first Gulf War scientists warned us of a global winter due to pollution spewed by hundreds of oil wells purposely set on fire by Iraqi criminals. These are the same scientists who find pollution and disaster in petroleum production, shale fracking and coaling mining. Despite the enormous strides in safety and caution to environment the message is still the same: only renewable energy will save the world.

Yet such nature warriors fail to inform us of the wind blades which wear out and cannot be recycled and must be buried in land fills. We are not told the giant battery terminals used for solar farms are manufactured using enormous carbon emitted factories in China. Their disposal is burdensome since the batteries contain highly toxic acids — again another “alternative” that is not recyclable.

If you’re arrogant enough to propose replacing a fundamental modern economic product, oil, then we expect you to have a fully formed program to meet our needs. But at this juncture none truly exist. What we have is a science infected with politics and presenting society with half-baked theories that fail upon closer examination.

If humanity continues on this path we will begin to do to Science what we have done with Religion — a collection of beliefs we pay lip service but nothing more. Science cannot remain science if it stops seeking truth and instead clings to power to gain grants and glory.

Science is in danger of becoming another institution in free society tainted by funny money and questionable morals. A once noble field helmed by geniuses like Einstein will sink to the back alley dice games where only the house has the upper hand.

About the Author: 

Mark Antony Rossi is a poet, playwright and author of the bioethics volume “Dark Tech” now available from Amazon. His most recent plays have been produced in Liverpool and New York. He also hosts a podcast called Strength to be Human.

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