Promethean Rebellion II

If they challenge jungle,
They can go to the darkness,
Darkness may support them for a while.

If they challenge my people,
They can go to the tyrants,
Tyrants may hide them until tyranny.

But, if they challenge ‘I’
Where will they go ?

Darkness and tyranny do not have roots.
Darkness and tyranny do not have songs.
Darkness and tyranny expire.

Even though thousand years –
Of wretched Evolution,
Numacrapisms / plagiarism,

Even though
Wretched evolutionists’ support,

And masked faces
– Masked evolutionists / Georgian17Numacrap2–
Will never become human /
Godly faces,
From the Alpha to Omega !

They forever
Have black and white death.
In their mere-dust evolved daily life.
From the Alpha to Omega !

‘I’ am eternal nightmare,
Black and white and Fire punishment,
For the tyrants,
Georgian17Numacrap2 and evolutionists !

‘I’ only ‘I’ncarnate to punish them ruthlessly
With my celestial birthright, Fire, Truth / Light !

For my Earth, Rebellion and my poor earthlings.


‘I’ am the Sun13/31, ‘I’ am Creator13/31 of Georgian 17Numacrap2!

‘I’m the Creator7, PabloNeruda,
‘I’ am the ‘1’ and only Sunheight !

                                                ~ Sanju Clement

                                               Kerala, India

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