America At a Crossroads

By Mark Antony Rossi

A vote for Trump during the election meant two important things to his supporters:

  1. The realization that our borders must be just as sovereign as our allies and detractors. A loss of control in an age of terrorism is utterly unacceptable.
  2. The American media has done such a poor job of being fair and impartial broker that its fast becoming a progressive mouthpiece instead of neutral monitor informing the citizenry.

With these deeply felt concerns in mind Americans began to feel that neither party was willing or able to discuss, address or redress the pressing matters of their lives.

For all that was said about Hillary Clinton, good or bad, she failed to connect to the voters who might have made her President of the United States. You cannot mock closing factories and expect to not hear negatively from the citizens whose lives are adversely affected. The same goes for coal miners, farmers and working class tradesmen inquiring about the future of their livelihood.

I don’t see how insensitive commentary and unbelievable crudeness with the “deplorables” remark readies a leader to take over a country while spitting on a large segment of its population. So much was said about the Trump demeanor but what was never pointed out was his antics and lifestyle were many years in the past before the Presidential run, opposed to Clinton who managed to be mean-spirited during and after the campaign and election.

Trump the Populist is perhaps a wrecker of both political parties and most variations of governing philosophy. I’m hesitant to even call him a conservative unless you compare him to the last President whom is largely responsible for a number of economic and foreign policies weaknesses that ultimately set in motion this incredible swing to a boastful billionaire businessman.

Yet a fair inventory of the historical happenings of the last two term Presidents of Bush and Obama clearly indicate American has no business in nation building or bargaining with dictatorships or fussing with strongmen. Our interventions however noble were a waste of young lives and national treasure. We did not make the world safer but rather helped focus radical elements to harm us and our allies further.

Trump was elected because America, in general, believes our friends and foes have taken advantage of our generosity, forgotten our sacrifices and expect us to cower every time the United Nations criticizes our desire for a fair playing field on the world stage. Our so-called enemies North Korea, Iran and Russia can best be dealt with by our allies. Why must American continue to shoulder the cost and consequence of these bad actors?

This is good parenting 101: if you keep doing things for your beloved children instead of allowing them to learn who end up crippling their self esteem and future. Time for our Asian friends Japan and South Korea to grow up, build your own nuclear weapons and remind idiots once and for all what is the price of folly.

Time for the Middle East to align against Shite fascism and counter it head on until it’s is contained and implodes from within. And time to make peace with Israel and recognize the enemy in the Middle East is more likely a mirror than a fabled monster.

And Russia. It’s high time we speak what others won’t speak. The Russians are not ready for democracy. They might never be. They choose strongmen who guarantee jobs and pensions. And they love to hear how can can counter the West with national pride and future promise. But apart from nuclear missiles and wonderful literature they are a frozen wasteland not contributing much to the greater world community. Tough sanctions and a sailing Navy is all America is ever going to need to counter a country unprepared for the 21st century.

America is at a crossroads. We spent 15 years in Afghanistan and Iraq to no avail. Neither country is appreciative and neither country is capable of being secure or even democratic. We could have spent that money fixing our bridges and roads. There is a national feeling including the non Trump supporters that America needs to start looking more inward. What do we want for our nation? How can we keep the freedoms we cherish? And how is our rightful place in a Post Cold War era? Right now part of the answer is Trump bulldozing his way through the ills of a political system, American and International, who want their say in our future.

The voters here have spoken. They believe their voice needs to be heard first to make America great again in a manner that respects reality: our way of life is not for everyone. We should be willing to defend it and oppose those who seek to export it. And perhaps we cannot love the world the way it wants until we learn to love who we are in a complex competition of commerce and conscience.

About the Author: Mark Antony Rossi is a poet, playwright and author of the bioethics volume “Dark Tech” now available from Amazon. His most recent plays have been produced in Liverpool and New York. 

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