The Benevolent Man

The setting sun sprayed ruddiness over the clouds

The orange yellowish sky looked ever so beautiful

The soft green grass

The dark brown tree trunks

The flowered branches –

All  swathed in the evening  hues

A soothing balm to the eyes it was!

Serenity spread it’s wings far and wide

Dusk  took over the day

The Moon waltzed in with the clouds

 The soft  silver- ruddy painting –

A mesmerizing effect  it had!

Dark clouds steathily sailed in

Ghostly  figures  emerged through darkness

Some with conical caps and sticks trudged on

Children and pets followed leisurely but warily-

Scared of the dark apparitions flying across the sky

The weird creepy sounds all around

Gripped them with unknown coldness

But onwards they continued exhausted with fear and thirst

A sudden abrupt loud voice paralysed  them –

Wide open eyed, fear  frozen they glared-

Before them stood a tall hefty man –

All wrapped up in a white sheet-

With a bright shining face-

A long staff in his hand!

Perceiving  fear  in their eyes

Softly and gently he said-

‘Come,  my dear travellers

A bed and a hot meal, you shall have-

In my cottage you can rest and –

Leave in the morn, if you wish’

Into the thin air he then faded away-

Didn’t even wait for a ‘thank you’

That dark rainy, thunderous night –

A roof they had over their head

In the morn a hot breakfast was laid out


The benevolent man was to be seen nowhere!

Perplexed and wondering who it could be-

On their jouney they set off

Thanking and praying for his welfare!

Refuelled and well rested energetically they walked

Musing and convinced-

God it was, who guided them to that cottage!

                                                                          ~Anuradha S. Bannore

                                                                              Vadodara, India

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