A Myth

A Myth

In the modern times,

When   chivalry is dead

Men have totally lost

The earlier charm they had

I’ve become a feminist,

Quite capable and brave

Not frail nor romantic

But somber and grave

When I was a little lass

I read some fairy tales

About beautiful rivers

Flowing from hills to vales

Stories of romance, in

Magical moonlit nights,

Between charming girls and

Shining armoured knights

Hero would come and rescue

A fair maiden in distress

Cupid would play his  role

Making them master and mistress

I laugh, now, on those myths of

A charming prince riding  a  horse

And a princes sitting by window

Waiting for him of course

Romance has been replaced

By comfort and facilities

The magic of bygone era

Has been transformed into realities

                                                                                ~Sudha  Dixit

                                                                            Bangalore, India

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