I am Sorry

2016 is a gruesome story,
Blissful memories, I couldn’t bury,
My lifestyle made a painful diary,
My remorseful conscience says I am sorry;

I am sorry; my pain is yielding,
Shattered by guilt; my heart needs welding,
Stack of regrets; my mind is pleading,
Stabbed by betrayal; my soul is bleeding;

My soul is bleeding and my life is empty,
My eyes are craving for that angelic beauty,
Darkness is my candle; my love is pretty,
I am sorry; now also my pain feels guilty;

My pain feels guilty and my reminiscences are cruel,
Between heart and mind, the fight is duel,
My love is a flame and your beauty is the fuel,
My rue- laden apologetic heart is starting to swell;

My heart swells in dreamy sleepless nights,
Your face often appears with beautiful sights,
My pain is only mine; you have no rights,
Forgive me and utter my pang’s last rites;

Last rites are nothing, but your words of love,
Riddles have imprisoned my mind; you have to solve,
My heart and mind are wrangling; you have to resolve,
Only with your forgiveness my pain will dissolve;

My pain will dissolve in 2017,
I will be a slave and you will be the queen,
Your heart is kind; so, my hope is keen,
A painful year was 2016;

2016 is a gruesome story,
Painful memories, I have to bury,
Deceitful mistakes, my life is fury,
Truly, I need you, I am sorry.

                                                         ~Debasis Mohanty

                                                           Cuttack, India

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