AAP Ki Sarkaar: From 49 to 67

By the Editor

It was a momentous moment for both AAP, public of Delhi and rest of India which witnessed the swearing in ceremony of the man whose grass roots work shook pillars of BJP and Congress. The verdict of 67 out of 70 speaks volume about the public mood and what it wants from its leadership regardless its state or central leadership.

 But after week long glitter glam and may be after 10-15 days when dust will settle the real ordeal of AAP will begin because the free for all buffet type promises made in election will come with a big price tag. Water and electricity had to be arranged soon, they are as vital as removing corruption for the people of Delhi, may be AAP’s Lokpal is the answer. Now coming to the elections, BJP’s humiliating loss was a sum total of lots of bad decisions. First, lost touch from ground, in absence of any strong local leader like Harshvardhan, the strategy got disarrayed and para-trooping Kiren Bedi without consent of local leadership and workers also didn’t help. If reports are to be believed some disgruntled BJP leaders played major role in this loss by cross voting for AAP candidates.

 But this also does not mean that AAP candidates and workers didn’t work hard for their victory. They grasped public temper and campaigned on problems that shopkeepers, office workers and other Delhites face everyday. They had plans, road map even if remotely vague or seemingly impossible but had something to offer. Even if they might not solve capital’s entire problem, even putting an effort in right direction will be a heartwarming cause for the voters. The pride that Kejriwal was talking about in this victory note to party workers should not go to the heads of their ministers because public don’t forgive mistakes again and again.

 Some politicians, commentators and journalists started issuing ‘fatwa’ that BJP’s loss is public disillusion from Narendra Modi’s government. Well, it is true that BJP’s campaign was centered on him but claiming that PM has lost or loosing popularity is preposterous. Despite this loss or value of his suit which became a talking point in the Delhi election, ordinary Indian prefer an aggressive, strong Modi at the helm than a muffler man. You need the man most suitable for the job and Arvind Kejriwal and Narendra Modi are leaders in their own right and ways.

 It is true that spill of Delhi elections will play role in coming BJP’s upcoming fight in Bihar and Bengal, may be also in their chemistry with their allies. Shiv Sena is already tussling CM Fadnavis’s government and its relation with BJP over electoral loss in Delhi. Though Shiv Sena is no APP but it’s like an excruciating state of limbo where you are not married nor divorced to the other party. Whatever the outcome of this election for Delhi in the long run but this victory will go a long way for the broom party in the time to come.

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