Ode on Solitude

Sometimes a blessing, sometimes a curse

Sometimes a hell, sometimes a paradise

She is caressing me in multitude ways

Sometimes a friend, sometimes a foe

Sometimes a dungeon, sometimes a fowl

She is always with me as a confidant

Sometimes being a fathomless abyss

Sometimes being a brook of elixir

Her game is going on and on…

Sometimes she is an enigma even to herself

Sometimes she is a poetry of a magical world

She always embraces me with her magnificent limbs

She is a mirage

She is an oasis

She is a prose

She is a verse

Love her or hate her; she is my beloved.


                                         ~Maneesha Murali

                                        Haripad, India


  1. Aisha Asokan

    Beautifully interpreted solitudian melody…..❤️???

  2. SuperB…:)

  3. Very well articulated!!

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