Thought of My Thoughts

In the hushed silence

I thought of my thought

To think what thought

That throbbed into my thoughts

As the fine moment of the thoughts

Makes me awake all the time

I think many things of Her-

The Nature of my land

As the thoughts thrust in me

The thought always

Touch my inner thoughts

Which fully grow in my heart-

The sound of the silence

Canvas my thought of the thoughts

In the undulating sound of

 Swaying and twirling leaves

In embracing wind and hail

Moving clouds brushing the hills

Farming and ploughing farmers

Flowering rubber trees

And humming and buzzing bees

Grazing cows and flying birds

Sparkling streams sashing the waist

Like narrow silver threads

On engraved green hillocks

Bordering green cloths of paddy fields

Glistening dews on tender tips

Giggling water and singing birds

Lazy smoke swirling and slinking

Around the wooden huts

The beauty of the thoughts

And the flow of feelings of Nature

Grow in my thoughts. And the

Thoughts remain in my thoughts

For good wherever I am


                                                                          ~Dr. Nandakumar K S

                                                                            Bangalore, India

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