Ordinariness is no joke:

Requires hard work and sincerity

Sans jealousy and competitiveness

A class apart:

Commoners, Plain Janes , Samaritans,

Nameless, anonymous crowds

Turn tables, On the Ides of March

Hail Antony,

Pave way for a million malalas,

Meditating in cavernous casements ,


In autobiographies

Lost mendicants

Celebrate and applaud,


Passionate Perfectionists

Gratified and satiated

Give way, Surrender

Live and leave ….‘They also serve who stand and wait’

                                                                          ~Kavita Shastri

                                                                            Bangalore, India


  1. Well said Kavitha ,indeed its no ordinary thing to be ordinary…

  2. Yes. Ordinariness has to be celebrated!

  3. kavita shastri says:

    Thanks Chitra and Jayashree

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