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तेरी हँसी चोरनी सी….

तेरी तो यादें ही मिश्री सी रूह तक में मिठास घोल जाती है, तेरी हँसी चोरनी सी, दिल मेरा लूट लिए जाती है। तेरा होना, मेरी जिंदगी को जिंदगी देता, धड़कने भी तेरे लिए  बावरी हुई जाती है। तेरी नज़रे जो भर लेती मेरी आंखों को पलकों में, दोनो मिल […]


I Want You to Read Me

But, if my rhymings hit your blissful eye, must I thank you or apologize?                                                         ~Caleb Delos-Santos USA


A Polluted Swing

Her mermaid’s hair floating all up in the air Her tiny legs drawing unparalleled brown eggs Her strong hands clutching the parallel bands Her yellow t-shirt covered in footpath dirt Her black pants sandy as deserted cactus plants Her happy teeth wrapping up all the dearth that is beneath, Stimulating […]



by Kunal Roy A couple of days ago, I witnessed a pretty interesting event on the bus. I was simply returning from college after the day’s end. After a while, a couple of hijras entered the bus. The traditional claps to prove their identity and the ways and means adopted […]



by Putriyana Asmarani My dear Liu,  Sayonara. Time is no longer a number, time is but an anesthesia. It stung from our gaze through our veins, towards numbness. In a flash, sense becomes senseless. The call of duty is supreme, it is above and beyond. The tip of your middle […]


नन्हा बादल

बादल का एक टुकड़ा मेरी खिड़की से अंदर आया नन्हा-सा, मासूम, खोया-सा। “मुझे बचा लो बाहर परेशानियाँ हैं- धुआँ, गर्द, जलाता ताप मैं कहाँ जाऊँ माँ?” “आ छुपा लूँ तुझे गोद में अपनी,” मेरी ममता बोली, और वो समा गया मुझमें पानी बनकर.. ~Shreya Verma Rodricks Hyderabad, India


Three Little Birdies

The early breeze is crisp, The new summer morning is bright. The farmers return to their fields, Amidst all, a morbid death knell chimes.                                         In a tree, in the woods, […]