With Every Dawn…

In the depths of  dark night,
the pitter-patter of raindrops against the glimmering window shields
kindles a  pain deep and cold within.
A raging ache pierces through;
An endless sorrow  brews;
Memories of loss,
whispers in the dark;
Wounds of words resonate deep;
They echo in silence, taunting and haunting.
In solace in  moment of calm as the  tales of beauty and pain unfurl;
the receding time beckon to follow the paths of the unknown.
As the dawn doth creep
Across the sky in hues of golden shadow;
As The shadows flee and morning birds take their flight;
As The sun rises above the hills,
Its rays of warmth spills hope;
With endless possibilities in view.
A ray of light
shines on through the darkest hour;
And though it flickers, fades, and dies,
It always comes back strong and bright.
~Beena. E. S

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  1. Encouraging!!