Vrita Unleashed

Ecological imbalance-Vrita, the Asura from Vedic periodhas woken up from his slumber.                                        Violent, the human-like serpentGets into destruction and obstructs nature’s bounties.                                        Air heavy with the speech of silence,life stands still.                                        The harbinger of draught,Serpent dragon,unleashes a powerful force,his tail rambling the streets,tentacles squeezing the earth dry.                                        Hot breath sweeps across the terrain,Burning all lives, choking the rivers dry.Life crouches in caves and praysfor respite, as Vrita wrecks his havoc.


~Shrey Verma Rodricks,Hyderabad, India


  1. What a creative rendering of today’s ecological imbalance!

  2. “Vrita Unleashed” artfully intertwines Hindu mythology with modern environmental concerns. By symbolizing Vritra, the Asura of drought, as the embodiment of ecological imbalance, the poem provides a striking critique of human-induced environmental degradation. The imagery is vivid and potent, portraying an oppressive environment teetering on the brink of disaster. Overall, the poem is a compelling call to action to address our escalating environmental crisis.