Three Bonds of Life

Money, time, and self, three bonds we hold so tight,
They shape our lives, they guide our might.
The currency we crave, the moments we spend,
The person we are, our beginning and end !!
Money, the power that we seek,
The means to live, the goals to meet.
It drives our dreams, it fuels our fire,
It can bring us higher or take us dire !!
But what is money, but just a tool,
To help us live, to keep us cool.
It’s the love for it that turns us blind,
And makes us forget, what truly binds !!
Time, the fleeting moments we call life,
The ticking clock, the cutting knife.
It passes by, so swift and fast,
Leaving behind memories that will last !!
We chase it, we try to control it,
But time always wins, and we must admit.
It’s how we use it, that defines our fate,
Whether it’s worth it or just a wait !!
Self, the relationship we often forget,
The love for oneself, the respect we get.
It’s the mirror that reflects our soul,
The person we are, our ultimate goal !!
We strive to be better, we strive to be more,
But we often forget, what we had before.
The love for oneself, the care we deserve,
The peace we need, the self-love we preserve !!
Money, time, and self, the bonds we can’t ignore,
They define our life, they shape us more.
It’s how we treat them, that will define,
The path we take, the way we shine !!
~Alfiya Khan

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