There’s a Mentor in You!

I was muddled, depressed and threatenedI found no way to step further safelyI sighed and stared at the silent sky,Thinking of an advisor to guide meUltimately, discovered the right one!                                                                              With a truthful heart, you touched meIn a darkened path, you spread a light,A light that is bright, hoping and convincingI stand with hundreds of hurdles hereThe financial issues never let me be at peace!                                  Toiling days offered me restless statusI found you at the right time as a genuine leadI conversed, discussed, and plannedBut your relentless plans, and painsDesigned my life at this momentThe moment that’s precious and memorable!                                  I am grateful and blessed with a well-wisherIn my long list of favourite friends today,In this diplomatic and egocentric world,I acquire one who resembles youYes, I found a good mentor in you,A truthful guide, philospher, and friend too

~Setaluri Padmavathi 
Hyderabad, India 

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