The World Witnessed A Murder

Who art thou, you weary face?

As if you near the great rest,

Do you wish to say something?

Has any evil befallen you for some time?


Thus, David started to speak-

A thousand crimes have I committed,

But Satan has been trying to slay,

Me, even before I had sinned,

Today, the world, wary of my fate,

Just stayed mute, and witnessed my murder.


Too many nymphs of oceans and the seas,

Have I professed my love to,

But, none claimed me as their own,

They left me derailed, estranged, feverish,

The only piece of bone, in their mouths,

And thus, Love died time and again, and the world witnessed a murder.


Finally, even the State intervened,

Branded me a fugitive, I’m running in the night,

They can’t comprehend who I was,

Can’t digest that I had no soiled hands and fingers.

Hey disgruntled woman, it’s not me, you should seek,

The faulty one, roams, scots-free, while you witnessed a murder.


-The hapless story, some may find to be divine,

Some will scoff, some will shed their tears,

When a man finds his truths turned to lies,

His bent back, body, mind, can take no more, rather, he sets the stage for the world to witness a murder…his murder.


~Soubhik Chakrabarty

Kolkata, India 

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