Perils of Pleasure

Humans are nothing but puppets of pleasure.
They destroy what they create and create out of what they destroy.
They can’t remain peaceful in perpetual leisure.
Agony is perhaps the greater source of their pleasure than joy.
The intricacies in their mind are too hard to measure.
While the Hands can easily pluck the rose,
The Heart wants to be perforated by the thorn.
Amidst the fragrance of flowers, the smell of rotten corpses is coveted by the Nose.
The Lips laugh at affairs for what the Tongues mourn.
These secrecies the Mind well knows but never wants to expose.
Behind the veil of flesh, the shadow of savagery is seen.
A scary scream is heard in dream.
It’s the voice of Lucifer from the sunless stream
Telling; following the path to pleasure can be but a sin.
The true nature of humans is not as it does seem.
~Swapnajeet Das 
Kolkata, India

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