Month: May 2023


Unveiling the Self

In the depths of my soul, A journey I did take, To uncover the mysteries, And truths that lay awake. I ventured through the darkness, And faced my deepest fears, Confronted all my demons, And shed many tears. I searched for my purpose, And found it in my heart, Realized […]


Him and Her

All Men are Bunny, Running after Honey with Money, To make their lives Sunny, Uff! All this is so Funny.                                                      Women, on the other […]



Gazing through the window, I saw a parrot fly I knew what is freedom I knew what is life.                                        My birthing didn’t bring you cheer, Dad being cold and mom queer. […]


The Bells of Heaven Are My Mother

In my dream, I reached the hospital on time,my mother still alive, just about, somehow;her negotiation skills got the better of time.When I arrived, she pulled me closer,whispered something in my ear,but even in my dream, I could not make out anything,her voice distorted on every radio channel of life.What […]



Silence is the only attire which you can wear making others believe Infinite Power over you                     Never ever either letting them uncover you.                     Just like an iceberg, A naked vision […]


I Am Not a Writer

I have never fished nor entered caverns in my day, I am not Earnest Hemingway Or Carver Junior Raymond. My life has been a bottle of wine without bubble With floating pods of almond And no trouble.                           […]


So Long…

Smell of pickles Tangy salty and sour Seasoned to the core Still confounding Her likes and mine                                              Full moon Shines on the rocks A long story She cuts […]


Indian Premier League -2023: A New Beginning

by Deepanshu Srivastava One of the biggest sports carnivals in the country, the IPL, is underway since March 31, 2023, in its new avatar. The 16th season of IPL which is a franchise 20-20 Cricket league in India, organized by the BCCI, has now returned to its original home and […]


Higher Education Reforms to Transform a Nation

Know how an aspiring younger generation feels about the higher education scenario today Lack of motivation, depression and desperation, hypocrisy and hate defines the present day Ineffective operational management and internal politics lead to a vicious cycle of negativity There is a need among youngsters to raise their voices toward […]