Month: May 2023



I have not seen the Goddess, but my mother who showed me the light of the day! Nurtured me, taught me the lessons, protected me every now and then! Years passed, onus fell upon me, talked and chatted, served in the hour! Crisis pepped in, battle began, days and nights […]


With Every Dawn…

In the depths of  dark night, the pitter-patter of raindrops against the glimmering window shields kindles a  pain deep and cold within. A raging ache pierces through; An endless sorrow  brews; Memories of loss, whispers in the dark; Wounds of words resonate deep; They echo in silence, taunting and haunting. […]


What Sorrow Does

Sorrow does strange things to all those living that happiness is incapable of doing had it not been the case… there would  have been no great writing nor authentic emotions’ outpouring per se wrapped in whisks of cloud the clan of writers and poets eschew the real world to fathom […]


Protected in the Wild

Exotic and vibrant looks you flaunt, Plenteous hues you spread; Lavish growth of yours occupies the glades Up to the ends of the area, where your cultivars are bred.                               “Wild flowers”, is how you are […]


A Classroom Jumanji

The teacher emerged Whole class stood in silence, Some in reverence and some mere imitation.                                                            Teacher chalked out portions to be […]



My heart has felt you, In its deepest chambers, Where there is whiteness of purity, And the beauty of the greenery, Light shines like the Sun And the moon osculates the nights, Life sleeps in tuneful harmony. In that land, we will meet one day, Where the  air is free, […]


There’s a Mentor in You!

I was muddled, depressed and threatenedI found no way to step further safelyI sighed and stared at the silent sky,Thinking of an advisor to guide meUltimately, discovered the right one!                                          […]



It’s a scattered fragrance, Flowing with intensity. A sunset that brings us The dim light of a lamp That sprinkles our shadows.                               It does not require Any permission or proof. It’s a relationship between adult […]


The Wheel of Life

by Prajith Roy “I used to be someone, but not anymore. Now, I walk the earth as an apparition forevermore. I am doomed to repeat this story, my story to anyone willing to listen.” Said a frail old man to a kid, who was wandering through the forest outside his […]


The Starry Nights of Vincent van Gogh

Swift, smooth is the Starry Night, The winds clap their hands at might, It’s as old as those hills today, Yet is lively as though a melee. Combined allure of stars in sky, Magnificent like an ancient lullaby. A peaceful settlement stands well-lit, Surrounding a convent falling in its ambit. […]