Month: May 2023



What is happiness? A smile from your mother? A warm hug from your father? That’s their love, full of sweetness. Well, what’s love? The gifts you clutch to your heart? Praising you to be the work of art? The promise of a good new start? To remember you when they […]


Three Bonds of Life

Money, time, and self, three bonds we hold so tight, They shape our lives, they guide our might. The currency we crave, the moments we spend, The person we are, our beginning and end !!                               […]


An Empty Vessel

Ah! An Empty Vessel! Once a bearer of life’s miracle The creator; The secret of secrets; The mystery; The inexplorable  bag of life; Destiny’s  hand plundered, A loss so intense, a void left behind, A part of womanhood forever sealed. Ah! An Empty Vessel, where posterity bloomed, Now echoes emptiness, […]



Their actions make us sad,We think them as greed,But they guide as God. Yes of course they deal in detail in life’s course,In a loud coarse. You provide us abundantly,With all your heart,Which we never pay at all. Aught! You both are ever,twinkling with all struggling,Teach us a perfect living. […]


The Inscrutable Destiny

by Kunal Roy Introduction: Destiny plays a pivotal role in the life of the poor mortals. And it is beyond any hue of doubt that this destiny is in reality an impact of the planets and their respective functions in the cosmos. Good and bad times are a part and […]


Vrita Unleashed

Ecological imbalance-Vrita, the Asura from Vedic periodhas woken up from his slumber.                                        Violent, the human-like serpentGets into destruction and obstructs nature’s bounties.                     […]


Decoding Dangerous Drug Dependency

Living modern life is a complicated art involving a coarse comedy and an inevitable tragedy Life is more comfortable when we look at the bright side of things like an optimist practically The present drug news opens our eyes to search and see how to sail our ship in troubled […]


Old Aunt’s Visit

When she came to live with us, there was little work to do. Her fingers were eager, failing eyes covered with dew. She spoke to herself because nobody spoke to her Said things from the past, unknown to her step-brother. We found a ploy to keep her mind under the […]



वो सर्वभूत – सर्वव्यापी हर जगह कहाँ रह सकता था इसलिये बनाया इक व्यक्तित्व जो उसकी जगह ले सकता था                                            वो प्यार हो या चिंता करना बस अम्मा ही कर सकती है वह कोमल है पर बालक की ख़ातिर सिंहनी बन सकती है                                माँ ने प्रकृति के उपवन में आकर हर फूल खिला दिया अपने बलिदानों से देवों का […]


Even Then!

I heard a song and It made me think of you. The song ended and That made me think of you too. Sky is full of stars While my mind is full of you. I treat you Like, A prince, A blessing, A priority, My heart will forever cherish. I […]